Information about Yougopia

How it works

How it works

Studio Owners:
Studio owners join Yougopia and post listings of classes or events they offer.  

Private instructors:
Choose a location that is appropriate for group sessions or events;  Indicate availability for provate in-home
sessions.  Specify the type of class/session (Vinyasa, Yin, SUP, etc.), location, cost, and
other details such as what to bring to class.  

Studios/instructors will be provided a form to complete so that we may securely link all
online payments directly to their bank account.

Student Members:
Create a Yougopia log in  and search for offerings near you. Specify the class criteria in
your search ( private/group/event, day / time, etc...).  When you sign up for a class, you will be prompted for your payment information.  You pay for each class or event that interests you. This allows you to
sample from different instructors/yoga types rather than committing to a whole series
before knowing it is just right for you. 
A secured payment will be deposited directly into the instructors account, minus the
fees necessary to keep you connected to yoga experiences of interest.