Information about Yougopia



Yougopia is an exciting new platform and an online community marketplace that helps
connect people through positive yoga experiences – linking yoga studios and teachers
to yoga practitioners. In the future, we look to provide additional wellness experiences.

Our mission is simple: Make yoga affordable and accessible to everyone everywhere. 
Build community, health and peace to bring a balance back to life.

There is no sign-up or membership fee. Just post your yoga offering or browse through
your community’s offerings. Users only pay when they sign up to attend a session.  A
small percentage of the fee is retained by Yougopia.

Yoga is about breath and movement. We all breathe and move. It's about getting a
group of people breathing and moving together, one community at a time. If you are
more comfortable with a private session, you can also list or find private yoga sessions
on Yougopia.

Yougopia is not an imagined state in which everything is perfect but rather a
place that strives to support your best physical health and life balance.

Yougopia. Find Yours!