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Yougopia is a platform that helps connect people through positive yoga experiences.

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Our platform makes easier for you to list, promote and manage all aspects of your sessions. Getting started is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes, with all bookings and payments handled in our secure e-commerce facility.

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Looking for a local, unique or natural yoga experience? Or wanting to try yoga for the first time? Then look no further. Yougopia is a simple to use platform of yoga providers and sessions that you can search, select, and book.

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Scientifically proven to enhance wellness, Yoga is a gentle and peaceful way to connect your spirit, mind and body for optimal health. Use Yougopia to hold or join a yoga session or retreat that is unique, allowing you to find your practice reinvigorated for the journey.

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We support and encourage self-exploration and adventures that help individuals craft better lives for themselves and the world around them. As yoga enthusiasts, we promote its benefits across the mental, physical, emotional, and natural spectrum.


We recognize that we all need support to get to where, what, and who we want to be. That's why we actively cultivate and nurture positive interactions between practitioners, participants, and their environment, building deeper awareness, connection and meaningful relationships.


We believe everyone has the ability to thrive and become the best they can. We do this by enabling our users access to new and unique yoga experiences. When we learn; we grow, and when we grow; we can more fully embrace life.

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Here are just some of the sessions you can access through our platform. A full list of sessions and providers can be accessed through our listings page.

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